How To Practice Deep Breathing While Exercising

How To Practice Deep Breathing While Exercising

Jul 17, 2023

There are numerous health benefits to deep breathing practices that help increase oxygen levels in blood improving cardiovascular health and boosting your mood. Most people aren’t aware they’re not breathing correctly while exercising and deep breathing can improve your energy levels during your workout. 

It’s recommended to inhale through your nose rather than your mouth which will help expand your ribcage and stretch the muscles of your upper back. Deep breathing by inhaling through your nose will also activate your olfactory or scent nerves which will make you more alert. You can also do some deep breathing exercises if you want to build an appetite before dinner.

To achieve the benefits of deep breathing during exercise, it’s best to start before your workout which will help enhance your performance. Your heart rate rises during exercise, but your heart rate will stay lower throughout your workout with proper breathing techniques.

It’s best to take some deep breaths before you start exercising for a good starting point for your workout. Start by finding a quiet place to sit down and close your eyes, giving your body a moment to relax. 

Start by taking slow deep breaths through your nose, hold for 10 seconds, slowly release your breath, and repeat the process several times. One key element of a good deep breathing exercise is using your nose to control your exhalation rate. 

Gasping for air from your mouth can lead to poor lung function that can make it harder to control inhaling and exhaling. It’s recommended to focus on inhaling through your nose while keeping your lips together and letting your lips relax as you exhale. 

Deep breathing can help slow your heartbeat after exercising, can help reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure and helps you relax. Practicing deep breathing can also help introduce you to meditating which provides more health benefits in the long term. 

Deep breathing is a great introduction to meditation, and you can explore the best meditation options for you. Guided meditations are a great starting point that can be catered to your goals whether you want to relax, increase energy, sleep, and more. 

The best part is the variety of times that can best suit you whether you have only a couple of minutes or a full hour. Deep breathing is a simple way to improve your workout and is one step towards improving your physical fitness that can kickstart more changes for the better. 




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