Healing Herbs, Veggies, And Fruit

Healing Herbs, Veggies, And Fruit

Jul 17, 2023

Before the invention of modern medicine, herbal remedies helped with ailments from coughing to indigestion. There are some herbs, fruits, and veggies that can be used as a natural alternative to medicine with some you might already have available in your kitchen.


For coughing try rosemary that contains eucalyptol that helps to loosen chest congestion and will help detox the phlegm. Rosemary can also help soothe a sore throat as this herb is rich in anti-inflammatory tannins. Rosemary pairs well with apples, white beans, polenta, and potatoes.


Stomach cramps can be the worst, but a quick natural remedy is peppermint contains a natural plant compound, menthol, that helps to relax pain-inducing stomach spasms. Research indicates peppermint can help reduce belly discomfort by 40%. Peppermint pairs well with green peas, eggplant, melon, and tomato.


One common medical issue is aching joints that can be cured with curry powder as the curcumin in curry inhibits the body’s production of an inflammatory compound that over-sensitizes nerves known as prostaglandin. Curry can be paired with other natural foods like spinach, lentils, cauliflower, and rice.


Congestion can be the worst especially for those with allergies, but cayenne can help clear sinus congestion. You can find juice shots with cayenne that is easy to take that is healthy and quickly clean out sinuses.


Cayenne contains capsaicin that deactivates a neurotransmitter linked to inflammation known as substance P that will result in less sinus pressure and congestion. Cayenne is easy to incorporate with other natural foods like rice, leafy greens, soups, and beans.


One leafy green is packed with a natural source of energy is cilantro that can easily be incorporated into a variety of meals and recipes. Cilantro has carboxylic acid in cilantro binds to heavy metals like mercury in the blood and works to transport them out the body. The removal of the heavy metals reverses the toxin buildup that results in depression, chronic fatigue, and joint pain. Cilantro pairs well with curries, avocados (guacamole), black beans, and corn. 


Nausea is a common ailment that can happen when feeling sick or motion sickness that can easily be remedied with ginger. There are fresh ginger shots you can get from your local fresh juice bar or grocery store. Ginger contains gingerol and shogaol that calms spasms in the digestive tract. Ginger can be paired with pears, potatoes, rice, or miso soup for a healthy dose of natural medicine.


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