Why The Gut Microbiome is The Key to Overall Health and Wellness

Why The Gut Microbiome is The Key to Overall Health and Wellness

Jul 13, 2023

Millions of tiny organisms, invisible to the naked eye, constantly live in our guts. These microscopic organisms include bacteria, fungi, and other viruses. They make their way to the gut’s pocket, called the gut microbiome. For years, scientists have been researching the gut microbiome to study its effects on the human body.

It’s now concluded that this microbiome should be regarded as a separate organ, as it consists of 150 times more genes present in the entire human genome. Also, the gut microbiome represents more than 80% of our immunity. Hence, scientists have been studying its effects on an average human’s physical and mental health.


The Gut Microbiome: A Core Area of Research

After the revelation that the gut microbiome is more helpful than harmful, scientists have been spending a decent chunk of their time researching what it is and how it positively affects the human body. This has led scientists to make yet another crucial discovery regarding prebiotics and probiotics. So, what are they?

Probiotics are those live organisms that promote the overall health and well-being of the human body. At the same time, prebiotics is the fuel that drives probiotics. In a nutshell, probiotics would mean nothing if it weren’t for effective prebiotics. You should know that microbial organisms live in the entire human body.

However, the ones found in the gut (gut microbiome) have become a core area of research because of their positive influence on a human being’s immunity. The gut microbiome doesn’t only help in improving one’s immunity but also helps digest plenty of foods. Another benefit the gut microbiome provides is the overall protection of the gut.


The Diversity That is The Gut Microbiome

The gut microbiome includes diversity which benefits the human body plenty. The gut microbiota is known to produce substances that the human body cannot have on its own. If any issues are found in the microbiota, an individual might suffer from diseases like colon cancer and diabetes. Hence, abnormality in the gut microbiome isn’t at all considered healthy.

Dysbiosis is when a person experiences numerous inflammatory diseases due to an altered microbiota. Studies have indicated its strong connections to various health problems, and scientists worldwide continue to study the gut microbiome and dysbiosis.

Further research has stated that people with type 1 diabetes or obesity lack a great deal of bacterial diversity. The same people are also found to have high cholesterol, concluding that lesser production of bacteria can lead to such chronic diseases. This is significantly why health experts plead for patients to care for their guts, as an unhealthy one can contribute to such conditions.

Microbiota-Altered Therapeutics

The good news is that an altered microbiota can be fixed in people who face abnormalities with bacteria production, and thus, its diversity. Numerous probiotics and prebiotics are introduced to people’s symptoms to improve their overall gut health and immunity.

These prebiotics and probiotics, including symbiotics, significantly contribute to better and enhanced disease management and restore the individual’s overall quality of life. This has caused several biotechnology companies to produce clinically proven solutions to improve gut quality.


The Emergence of Biotechnology Companies

Since plenty of research has come to light regarding problems one can face with their gut and how to improve them, numerous companies have started investing in making microbiome-based products. These products can help consumers improve their gut quality, especially those who lack bacterial diversity.

A prebiotic brand called Bimuno has started targeting the food and healthcare sectors by producing foods containing non-digestible galacto-oligosaccharides that enhance the activity and production of bacteria in the colon to improve gut health. These supplements have a tremendous impact on the human body, with sufficient bacteria production leading to successful bacterial balance.

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